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A podcast about a 40-year-old who returns to the very same school that he left 20 years ago so that he may finish the college degree that he never got.

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Returning Student

"...blown away by the production quality, the style, and professionalism..." - etoy07

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Season 1


First Day ...Again

It's been twenty years and David discovers a surprising situation on his first day of class. As he navigates the day he recalls what school was like for him growing up. He also considers the day he quit his full-time job to start school again.


Intro to Radio

David rides the Red Line ‘L’ Train to his second day of school and is shocked to see that the dorm he stayed in twenty years ago isn’t a dorm anymore. He also meets with award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and author, David Berner who is the professor for David’s second class, Intro to Radio.


Learn it on the Street

David reflects on the first time he ever recorded a podcast episode back in 2006. A good friend visits Chicago for the weekend and they chat about David's new situation and consider the possibilities of a mid-life pivot.


Lasers and Holography

David looks for the holography lab downtown on campus as he recalls his love of 3D imagery in his younger years. He then meets up with Richard Bruck, a holographer who has focused on bringing holography into the fine art forum.


Philosophical Issues in Film

David attends his fourth class, Philosophical Issues in Film, before he and his partner travel to Kentucky. He also struggles to balance his time as he enters his midterms.


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